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Press Releases

When food supplements purchased from distant lands contains designer drugs or a charger burns down the house, the buyer is responsible

Finnish authorities and other organisations campaign widely for safe online shopping. In recent years, consumer shopping at online shops located in distant lands has increased heavily, and Finnish Customs has filled up with small packages. At worst, these purchases can be “dangerous trash” according to the observations of the authorities. The campaign also wants to make consumers aware of their own responsibility: if you buy items directly from outside the EU, you are also responsible for the safety of the products.

Growth in commerce will slow down next year – taxation on services limits growth

Even a strong economic cycle has not been enough to bring commerce to the level of growth of the early 2000s. Retail is estimated to grow this year as well as last year. However, the growth will slow down next year. Employment has risen only temporarily and will continue to decline in 2020. Growth in wholesale turnover has not improved the rate of employment. The development of the service sector is slowed down by multiple taxes accumulated on top of the services’ prices. Heavy taxation on services and decreased consumption due to the ageing population will make the future of the private service sector very difficult if there will be no tax cuts.

Mari Kiviniemi appointed Managing Director of the Finnish Commerce Federation

Mari Kiviniemi, M.Soc.Sc (49) has been appointed Managing Director of the Finnish Commerce Federation effective from 1 January 2019. Kiviniemi is currently a Deputy Secretary General at the OECD. Her previous positions include Prime Minister of Finland, Minister for Public Administration and Local Government and Minister for Foreign Trade and Development. She also served as a Member of Parliament for a long time.

Sales in menswear experience global growth – Finland not an exception

The global trend of men’s fashion sales growing faster than women’s is visible in Finland, too. Last year, Finnish consumers’ spending on clothing increased by one per cent compared to the previous year. International online and consumer-to-consumer purchases increased, while the share of boutiques and supermarket fashion sales declined. Finnish consumers buy much of their clothing from supermarkets, sports stores and international fashion chains. The most popular place to buy clothing and footwear is Prisma.

The role of alcohol in tourism in Estonia is diminishing

Finns are spending less in Estonia, while at the same time fewer Finns are importing alcohol into Finland. Imports seem to have gone down even further from the beginning of 2018. With the growth of international e-commerce and the price difference in commodities shrinking, Estonia’s tourism can develop to be even more service-driven. Services’ share of travel budgets has started to grow within the past couple of years.

Ministry of the Environment and the Finnish Commerce Federation: Consumption of plastic carrier bags declines rapidly in the retail sector

An agreement made between the Ministry of the Environment and the Finnish Commerce Federation has rapidly reduced the consumption of plastic carrier bags and lightweight plastic bags in the retail sector during its first year. More than 1,100 companies are now party to the agreement, which in practice means more than 3,300 shops.

A new collective agreement has been made for the commercial sector

A new collective agreement has been made for the commercial sector, and it will be valid from 1 February 2018 to 31 January 2020.

Mobile purchases and international e-commerce strengthen their grip