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Become a member

Finnish Commerce Federation works for the good of its member companies

As a member of the Finnish Commerce Federation you will receive information that will help your company keep up to date with employment issues. Practical guidelines will help you react to changes in legislation. You will know in advance what to do. Our experts are always on hand to answer your questions. We provide a reliable source of information about Finnish commerce. Our member bulletins, website and seminars help keep your company up to date with the latest employment issues.

Time is money. Outsourcing expertise on employment issues liberates resources that can be better utilised for training your personnel. Time is not spent on solving problems but instead on seeking opportunities. In this way your company can focus on its core activities.

As a member you can receive advice. Our qualified experts will answer your questions and help you to solve any issues concerning your work community. We help to solve disputes professionally and quickly. Our telephone service provides guidelines tailored to your specific needs to help you find solutions based on years of experience.

As a member you will receive negotiating support. When negotiating with employee representatives, union officials, occupational safety inspectors or attorneys, you can turn to us for support in finding the right solution. We defend the interests of our members professionally and in all situations. You will benefit from the networks and influence of a leading employers’ organisation. Your company can also gain access to legal assistance at special member prices.

Members also have access to training events. We offer our members a wide range of relevant courses that will help you improve your professional skills and expertise. Knowing how to manage employment issues will benefit your entire company.

Membership fee. Our membership fee is 0.1% of your company’s salary costs for the previous calendar year. The minimum annual fee is 200 euros based on salary costs and value added. The membership fee for companies that employ over 150 personnel is calculated according to salary costs and value added.

Become a member

Membership in the Finnish Commerce Federation automatically includes membership in the Confederation of Finnish Industries EK. The membership fee shall be calculated according to a formula based on salary costs. When a company applies for membership of the Finnish Commerce Federation it agrees on complying with its terms and conditions.

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