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Kaupan liiton uutiskirje ilmestyy joka torstai. Uutiskirjeessä on koottuna tärkeimmät ja ajankohtaisimmat uutiset, tiedotteet ja tapahtumat.

Welcome to the member service of the Federation of Finnish Commerce!

As a member of the federation you can register yourself as a user of the member service Fill in the form and forward it. Registration is done only once and you can choose the user ID and password.  When you register as a user of the service, you will automatically receive the newsletter every Thursday and other member information to be published.

Registration instructions

  1.  Fill in the form carefully. The information marked with a red asterisk is compulsory.
  2. The entire Business ID (i.e. 1234567-8)
  3. The name of the company in the form it is recorded in the member register of the federation (not for example K-market Merenpohja, but J. Heikkilänkangas Oy). Capital or small letters are of significance, oy does not fit, but Oy does.
  4. The passwords are personal. In the field Information concerning the individual you write your name and e-mail address. You can register an e-mail address only once.
  5. You can choose the user ID and password yourself.  The length of these has not been defined. User ID may be for example johnsmith or smith.
  6. Save the registration information by clicking the registration push button.
  7. When the form has been sent you will receive an e-mail asking you to confirm your registration. Remember to confirm your passwords. After this you can log in on the website

In case of any problems with registration and logging-in, please contact the federation by e-mail:

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