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Press Releases

Taavi Heikkilä, the Chair of the Finnish Commerce Federation: Commerce wants to create jobs

The largest business sector in Finland, commerce, is looking for ways to create more jobs. The tasks in the sector are undergoing rapid change, and so are the skills needed. The future programme for t...

Consumer services are not regarded as highly as the industry–for the time being

According to the new reputation index for the service sector, the appreciation of different sectors varies significantly depending on gender and age. The gender differences are largest for young peopl...

The transformation of commerce already affecting employment

The real impact of the transformation in commerce is becoming evident. International and domestic competition, streamlined operations, automation and digitalisation are changing business structures. With this transformation, increased turnovers do not necessary translate into new jobs. In fact, the approximately 2 per cent growth in turnover, as estimated by the Finnish Commerce Federation, will not be sufficient to sustain the current employment in wholesale and retail businesses.

More and more Finnish tourists are bringing their alcohol back from Estonia by car

The trend of carrying alcohol from Estonia is facing a downturn among Finns. However, those still partaking in the trend are carrying more alcohol than before. To control these 'booze trips', Finnish alcohol legislation should be reformed as soon as possible. All in all, the consumption of Finnish tourists in Estonia seems to remain unchanged. However, the international competition of e-commerce appears to be challenging Estonia as well, especially regarding shopping for clothes and footwear.

A digital consumer is eager to buy online – even from abroad

Even though the Finnish consumer usually carries out their online shopping in online shops that are available in Finnish, country borders are not considered an obstacle. More than 40% of transactions by Finnish online consumers go to foreign online shops. Taxation policy can also be used to influence the competitive prerequisites of Finnish commerce.

Commerce has picked up – tax wedge strains services

After several years of negative growth, commerce is now seeing a gentle upturn, which is expected to continue moderately over the next few years. However, the development of commerce and consumer services is hampered by the large double tax wedge, which considerably increases the price of services and erodes purchasing power. To ensure continued positive development in the sector, efforts to reduce the tax wedge must continue in the latter part of the present Government’s term of office.

Finnish Christmas consumption showing signs of perking up

Finns seem to have loosened their purse strings somewhat this Christmas, although consumers remain cautious. Most people do not purchase their Christmas gifts until December, but young people in particular also take advantage of Black Friday campaigns at stores. Changes in Christmas commerce are often also a predictor of retail trade in the coming year.