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Press Releases

The deregulation of opening hours has increased competition and facilitated the everyday life of consumers

According to a recent survey, families with children and people living in big cities feel that the deregulation of store opening hours has made it easier to arrange their everyday life. Businesses operating in trade, on the other hand, feel that deregulation has increased competition. The law is now equal to all. The freedom to decide its own opening hours seems to affect the satisfaction of companies with the new situation.

Downward trend in Russian travel to Finland slows down – although with no growth in sight

Although the number of Russian travellers and their consumption in Finland continue to decline from last year, the pace of the decline has slowed down and is beginning to bottom out. This is visible in both border crossings and consumption. At the same time, e-commerce and Estonia are becoming increasingly strong competitors in the consumption of those visiting Finland. An international Russian at home in the digital world continues to be an attractive customer for Finland’s travel sector.

New commercial slowdown expected – need for more purchasing power and international expertise

The deregulation of opening hours seems to have increased sales, particularly in grocery and department store trade. This trend was not reflected in specialty goods trade. However, the positive development in retail trade is expected to end next year, with the growth close to zero. Rises in indirect taxes would suppress the newly-found feeble growth.

Successful purchases are driven by information and in-store service

Finnish consumers prefer shopping at brick-and-mortar stores, where they also go to find information on the product before making their purchase. Finns place particular value on the expertise of sales personnel, although they often base the final purchase decision on price. That said, there is no denying the importance of online information sources.

Finnish consumer habits in Estonia are changing – a record number of visits made

The number of visits Finns made to Estonia grew last year. However, visitor types and consumer behaviour seem to be changing, while alcohol purchases are decreasing. Purchasing services seems to be increasing as well. For Finnish service-providing businesses to be able to compete in the international market, their prerequisites for operating must not be weakened by tax policy.

Tuula Loikkanen to also be in charge of the Finnish Commerce Federation’s commercial operations

As of 1 June 2016, Tuula Loikkanen will be in charge of the Finnish Commerce Federation’s commercial operations. She has previously been responsible for lobbying and specialty goods trade on the Board of Directors of the Finnish Commerce Federation. Now her responsibilities will also include events, training, recruiting and partnerships.

Commerce is plodding slowly forward – Tax increases would wreck the painstaking growth

The Finnish Commerce Federation forecasts that commerce will achieve slight growth this year. Purchasing power is supported by the slow inflation rate and stop in the growth of unemployment. However, there is the threat of the stunted growth of commerce being suppressed by domestic measures. Instead of tax increases, the structures of the economic line, society and labour market should at last be boldly reformed.

Fewer families with children plan to save money this Christmas