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Press Releases

Online retail enjoys continued growth in early 2013

Finnish online purchases of goods and services hit a record high in the first half of 2013. New research findings suggest that between January and June online purchases increased by six per cent on the previous year. The largest increase were seen in the personal finance and clothing categories. Overall, the growth is expected to continue.

Slow growth period ahead for commerce – Clamping down on services will not lead to economic growth

The number of commerce industry businesses has crumbled this year as slowed consumption eats away at the profitability of the industry. Things are not set to improve in the immediate future either: According to predictions by the Finnish Commerce Federation, commerce will take a downturn this year. Starting next year, the trend will turn towards slow growth.

Price rates in Estonia continue to attract Finns

The Finns spent a record amount of money in Estonia once again last year. The cheaper prices in Estonia are particularly attractive to families with children and to people who travel to Estonia often. Not all consumption increased last year, however. Spending significantly decreased in some product groups.

E-commerce of services continued to grow

E-commerce of services continued to grow last year. The growth of e-commerce as a whole decreased last year to the level of one per cent, due to significant decreases in certain major e-commerce categories, such as housing and cars. Growth was faster in international e-commerce than Finnish online sales.

Russia attracts Finnish companies operating in commerce

Russia is the only strongly growing economy in the vicinity of Finland. Furthermore, WTO membership and the related positive expectations add to the appeal of the country. The Finnish Commerce Federation showcases Finnish commerce extensively in the ”Russian client – Finnish commerce” seminar starting today in St. Petersburg.

Employment in commerce taking a downturn

The rate of employment in commerce will decrease this year by one per cent, as sales continue to tread water. The largest employer in the private sector, commerce, already began decreasing last year: the year saw 5,000 persons lose their jobs in retail sales alone.