Commerce is the biggest employer for young people. The industry will provide summer jobs alone for an estimated 20,000 young people this year.

Many young people again have their first hands-on experience with the life of work when working in commerce this summer. Every year, the industry offers a summer job for up to 20,000 young people – also this summer, even though the economic situation is weaker than last year.

By offering work, commerce provides young people with their first experience in work and takes part in supporting young people in finding a place in society and preventing marginalisation. The Finnish Commerce Federation also considers it important that employers in the field of commerce are able to offer young people a positive image of work and commerce. In this respect, good management plays a key role. The Finnish Commerce Federation is involved in developing immediate supervisor training, among other activities. It has also published the ten theses of good management of young people, aiming to develop the best supervisory and managerial work in the country for the service sector.

In addition to summer jobs, commerce is the biggest employer of young people of all industries all year round. Approximately one in five people under the age of 25 works in the field of commerce. Altogether, the industry employs approximately 300,000 people, making it the biggest employer in Finland.

It is important for commerce that it will continue to be able to offer work to young people. Therefore, it is important not to cut purchasing power or otherwise increase the costs of labour through economic policy.

“The field of commerce believes that decision-makers understand the significance of commerce and services in providing employment to young people and ensure that the operating environment of the industry is not weakened further,” says Juhani Pekkala, Managing Director of the Finnish Commerce Federation.

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The Finnish Commerce Federation represents commerce – the largest sector of economic life.Commerce employs around 300,000 persons in Finland.The Federation has around 7,000 member companies and represents both retail and wholesale commerce in industry politics and labour market lobbying.