The Finnish Commerce Federation enhances influencing in the EU. Janne Koivisto, LL.M., B. Eng., 40, was appointed as adviser in charge of the Federation's EU matters. He will begin in this position on January 1, 2017.

Koivisto will be coordinating the EU lobbying of commerce in Finland and Brussels. In his position as an expert, he will monitor the development of the internal market, especially from the perspective of digitisation. Other key themes include the regulation of the food supply chain, payment instruments, environmental issues and commercial politics.

"Most of the legislation applying to Finnish companies is decided in the EU. According to some estimates, up to 80% of retail trade regulations come from the EU. That is why the Finnish Commerce Federation must develop its monitoring of the decision-making processes of the EU and its influence on those processes," says Juhani Pekkala, Managing Director of the Finnish Commerce Federation.

Previously, Janne Koivisto has worked as a lawyer for the Finnish Grocery Trade Association while being in charge of the operations of the law committee at the Finnish Commerce Federation. In both roles, key lobbying themes included matters related to EU legislation and competition law. Koivisto has also previously worked as the head of the internationalisation unit at the Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce.

Further information:

Juhani Pekkala, Managing Director, Finnish Commerce Federation, tel. +358 (0)400 419 560, juhani.pekkala(at)

The Finnish Commerce Federation represents commerce – the largest sector of economic life.Commerce employs around 300,000 people in Finland. The Federation has around 7,000 member companies and represents both retail and wholesale commerce in industry policy and labour market lobbying.