Mikko Helander, Executive Director of Kesko Corporation, continues as Chairman of the Finnish Commerce Federation in 2019. Taavi Heikkilä, Executive Director of SOK Corporation, continues as Vice Chairman.

The union meeting of the Finnish Commerce Federation has appointed a new Board. The Board has 20 members.

Next year, five members will be replaced. The new members are Managing Director Minna Kokka from Suomalainen Kirjakauppa Oy, Managing Director Mikael Kämpe from Ramirent Finland Oy, Managing Director Jari Laine from Varusteleka Oy, Managing Director Harri Päiväniemi from DT Finland Oy and Managing Director Mikko Teittinen from Bang & Bonsomer Group Oy.

Board of the Finnish Commerce Federation 2019

Mikko Helander, Executive Director, Kesko Corporation, Chairman*

Taavi Heikkilä, Executive Director, SOK Corporation, Vice Chairman*

Harri Broman, Managing Director, Broman Group Oy*

Mikko Huopalainen, Managing Director, Toyota Tsusho Nordic Oy

Heikki Häggkvist, Managing Director, Wetteri Yhtiöt Oy

Kai Kaasalainen, Managing Director, Tamro Oyj

Rami Kittilä, Managing Director, Opel Finland Oy

Minna Kokka, Managing Director, Suomalainen Kirjakauppa Oy

Mikael Kämpe, Managing Director, Ramirent Finland Oy

Jari Laine, Managing Director, Varusteleka Oy

Antti Määttä, Managing Director, Osuuskauppa Keskimaa

Mika Niemi, Managing Director, Edututor Oy

Sam G. Nieminen, Managing Director, SGN Group Oy*

Retailer Toni Pokela, K-citymarket Iso Omena

Harri Päiväniemi, Managing Director, DT Finland Oy

Teemu Rissanen, Managing Director, R-kioski Oy

Lauri Sipponen, Managing Director, Lidl Finland Ky

Mikko Teittinen, Managing Director, Bang & Bonsomer Group Oy

Daniel Ward, Managing Director, Eurokangas Oy

Lauri Veijalainen, Managing Director, Stockmann Oyj Abp

*) Member of the Work Committee of the Board

When Juhani Pekkala, the current Managing Director of the Finnish Commerce Federation, retires at the turn of the year, Mari Kiviniemi will take over as the Managing Director of the Federation on 1 January 2019. Kiviniemi previously served as Deputy Secretary General at the OECD. In addition to the Managing Director, the Board of Directors of the Federation consists of Labour Market Director Anna Lavikkala, Chief Economist Jaana Kurjenoja, Manager of Public Policy and Advocacy Tuula Loikkanen, Communications Director Pia Pere-Vanhanen and Administrative Manager Kati Korkeaniemi-Leppänen.

For further information, please contact:

Juhani Pekkala, Managing Director, Finnish Commerce Federation, tel. +358 (0)400 419 560, juhani.pekkala(at)kauppa.fi

Pia Pere-Vanhanen, Communications Director, Finnish Commerce Federation, tel. +358 (0)40 867 1708, pia.pere-vanhanen(at)kauppa.fi

The Finnish Commerce Federation represents commerce – the largest sector of economic life. Commerce employs around 300,000 people in Finland. The Federation has around 7,000 member companies and represents both retail and wholesale commerce in industry policy and labour market lobbying. Kauppa.fi