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Finnish Commerce Federation and Service Union United PAM: A store restraining order enables a safe business and work environment in the commerce sector

The Finnish Commerce Federation and the Service Union United PAM propose to the incoming Orpo government the introduction of a store restraining order, a so-called company restraining order. PAM and the Finnish Commerce Federation consider that, in addition to private persons, companies should also be able to seek a restraining order against persons who continuously cause disturbances.

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The Finnish Commerce Federation is a nationwide commerce sector lobbying organisation whose mission is to promote Finnish commerce. We develop the cooperative action and operational preconditions of commerce companies and take care of our members’ business and employer benefits. We play a significant role in the labour market. The Finnish Commerce Federation negotiates the commerce sector’s collective labour agreements, resolves labour disputes and serves its members in employment affairs. We develop the cooperative action and operational preconditions of companies in the commerce sector.