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Commerce as a key factor in tackling climate change − achieving low-carbon targets requires collaboration across the value chain

The commerce sector aims to be carbon neutral by 2035 and nearly emission-free by 2050. The updated low-carbon roadmap for the sector shows that the companies' current actions and commitments are a good start, but achieving zero emissions by 2050 requires all the companies in the commerce sector to set ambitious, science-based emission reduction targets. To achieve this, companies need a fair and predictable regulatory environment.

Services for our members

  • Labour market services

  • Tutkimukset

    Researched data to support your operations

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    High-quality events and training

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Advisory service for members

We serve our member companies in questions relating to employment and salary matters.

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The Finnish Commerce Federation is a nationwide commerce sector lobbying organisation whose mission is to promote Finnish commerce. We develop the cooperative action and operational preconditions of commerce companies and take care of our members’ business and employer benefits. We play a significant role in the labour market. The Finnish Commerce Federation negotiates the commerce sector’s collective labour agreements, resolves labour disputes and serves its members in employment affairs. We develop the cooperative action and operational preconditions of companies in the commerce sector.