Day: October 22, 2020

Pro engages in organisational politics at the expense of employees

Pro is currently hammering a commerce sector company, Suomen Kotidata, with a one-month strike. However, the Finnish Commerce Federation has still not received a single specified employment or pay-related dispute to resolve, even though the company has had a PAM shop steward, the other party to the Collective Agreement for the Commercial Sector, for years. Is this Pro’s way of settling individual employees’ employment-related issues?

The importance of quality on the rise – the coronavirus situation is changing consumers’ purchase paths, but for how long?

The 24/7 opening hours of online stores has become the most common reason for online purchases. This is a significant observation when analysing the international competitiveness of Finnish online stores. During the pandemic, the importance of premium products has increased in several product groups, such as outdoor equipment and sports. This insight is also important for the Christmas shopping season, which is about to begin, since more and more consumers may be willing to invest in quality instead of low prices.