purchasing power

The Government's employment measures are not a sufficient response to the worsening labour shortage

The Finnish Commerce Federation is disappointed in the Government’s decision to postpone some of its employment measures until next year. The decisions that have now been made will only alleviate the incentive traps for students and pensioners. On the positive side, the budget meeting did not decide to increase taxes on earned income and thus cut purchasing power. The decisions will not improve the international competitive strength of commerce.

The Russian e-commerce market is growing and becoming international – the coronavirus pandemic is speeding up development

Despite its fairly weak purchasing power, Russia is one of the largest e-commerce markets in the world, which is still developing and maturing. The popularity of digital shopping has increased rapidly in recent years, and the coronavirus pandemic has spurred the development of payment methods and logistics. Russian consumers are still different from Nordic consumers in many ways, and reviews by peers in particular are important to them when making purchase decisions. Even though China dominates cross-border digital shopping, purchases from other countries are becoming more common. Russian market platforms can also offer new growth opportunities for Finnish online stores.