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Shopping in stores has declined further while digital shopping is on the rise – every fifth consumer has already tried grocery shopping online during the coronavirus crisis

As the coronavirus crisis continues, even more consumers have cut down shopping in stores. This is reflected particularly clearly in specialty goods stores, department stores and shopping centres in the capital region. At the same time, the number of digital shoppers has grown briskly in a matter of weeks. Especially families with children shop more online, but also the oldest age groups do more digital shopping than before. Direct targeted support measures are urgently needed to help companies currently struggling with problems caused by the coronavirus crisis survive during the worst period.

Consumer survey: Digital shopping and willingness to try online grocery shopping on the rise

The acute coronavirus crisis has dramatically decreased shopping in stores, and it is evident particularly as a crash in sales in specialty goods trade. However, digital shopping is increasing and one-fifth of consumers intend to make more purchases online as the crisis continues. Consumers in older age groups are also willing to try online shopping, and do more of it. The pandemic has already caused a wave of layoffs and dismissals in the commerce sector, and the Finnish Commerce Federation is calling for urgent direct support for companies.

The commerce sector is disappointed by the Government’s decisions — desperately needed direct support is still missing

The Government’s decision from today to increase corporate support was welcome as such, but its size and content were a disappointment for the commerce sector. Stores are suffering as the demand for specialty and other goods has collapsed, and the direct support they desperately need was not included in the Government’s decision. The Finnish Commerce Federation is worried that the coronavirus pandemic will cause a wave of bankruptcies in the sector that employs the most people.