Month: February 2022

Social security reform would help address the employment mismatch problem

According to the Finnish Commerce Federation, there are serious mismatch problems between the unemployed and vacancies in Finland, and problems in the availability of labour are also a familiar phenomenon in the commerce sector. The reform of the social security system should be accelerated and the incentive traps should be dismantled in order to make it profitable to accept and work every working hour. On Friday, 11 February, the government decided on new employment measures.

Collective agreement for the commerce sector has been established

The Finnish Commerce Federation and the Service Union United PAM reached an understanding on the Collective Agreement for the Commercial Sector late on Tuesday, 1 February 2022. The Finnish Commerce Federation describes the solution as moderate, but also sees that maintaining and developing the competitive strength of the industry will require more extensive, structural reforms in the future.

World market price increase boosts shops’ turnover – employment rate is declining

According to the Finnish Commerce Federation, over the next two years, the increase in turnover in retail trade will be mainly due to the increase in world market prices. The cost of raw materials and energy in particular will lead to higher prices. In the last quarter of last year, the growth in turnover was based solely on the increase in prices. After the pandemic period, employment in the retail sector is expected to decline.  

Enthusiastic about commerce! − The new website compiles information about the positions and study paths in the sector

For most young people, applying for both summer jobs and higher education are the most significant spring-time events. The Finnish Commerce Federation, which represents companies and employers in the commerce sector, will present one of Finland's largest industries in a diverse way on the website, which is designed to attract young people.