Month: April 2024

The cosmetics market is growing everywhere – more and more people are investing in luxury products in Finland

The European and Finnish cosmetics markets are expected to grow noticeably slower than the rest of the world in the coming years. In luxury cosmetics, however, the Finnish market is growing faster than the global average, according to a recent report on cosmetics consumer market by the Finnish Commerce Federation. Cosmetics purchases in Finland are most strongly guided by low prices and suitability for skin type. In recent years, the use of cleanliness products has declined, especially among under 30-year-olds.

Tax increases chastise commerce and the consumer

The goal of the budget framework session to reduce indebtedness is understandable, but the government's decision to increase the general VAT rate by one and a half percentage points is a significant blow especially to the speciality and household goods trade operating in Finland. The necessary structural reforms also remained minor in the budget framework session.

Structural reforms needed in the budget framework session – an efficient market improves consumers' purchasing power  

The budget framework session offers the last chance to make the necessary structural reforms in order to improve state finances and consumers' purchasing power, says the Finnish Commerce Federation. The general VAT rate should not be increased as this would heavily affect domestic specialty goods trade and low-income households, in particular, by weakening purchasing power. RDI funding should also be reformed and directed to the trade sectors.