Month: June 2024

Commerce as a key factor in tackling climate change − achieving low-carbon targets requires collaboration across the value chain

The commerce sector aims to be carbon neutral by 2035 and nearly emission-free by 2050. The updated low-carbon roadmap for the sector shows that the companies' current actions and commitments are a good start, but achieving zero emissions by 2050 requires all the companies in the commerce sector to set ambitious, science-based emission reduction targets. To achieve this, companies need a fair and predictable regulatory environment.

Domestic specialty goods trade operating in a challenging economy is looking for growth and efficiency through digitalization  

The domestic specialty goods trade is living through challenging times. Finnish consumer confidence in the economy is low and purchasing power is structurally weak. Competition in international e-commerce is also increasingly fierce. With regard to the Finnish specialty goods trade, investments in RDI operations in particular should be made urgently and the introduction of innovations accelerated, which would support business growth and the companies’ competitiveness.  

Controlling online marketplaces: The unhealthy competitive situation must be addressed promptly  

Online stores outside the EU must comply with the same rules as Finnish and other European online stores and platforms. Fair commerce rules also ensure safe products for consumers. Another reason why the unhealthy competitive situation must also be fixed is because the Chinese online discount retailers Temu and Shein have quickly conquered the customer base in both the Finnish and other European markets.