Month: December 2021

Competition drives growth in online grocery shopping – Customers seek ease in everyday life

The number of people who are regularly buying daily consumer goods online has more than doubled compared to the time before the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. Families with children, in particular, buy their daily consumer goods online more frequently than others, and they are also more interested in trying it out. With new companies and new practices, competition in online grocery shopping has really just begun.

The Finnish Commerce Federation and the Federation of Finnish Enterprises: Making vitality of urban centres a priority for city councils

It is necessary to invest in the vitality of city centres throughout the country, and the Finnish Commerce Federation and the Federation of Finnish Enterprises require that promoting the vitality of city centres be made a priority for the work of the new city councils. The coronavirus pandemic has slowed movement in city centres down and deprived speciality goods trade stores of vital customer flows. This phenomenon is also influenced by a longer-term trend that is boosted by the growth of e-commerce and the increasing practice of remote working.