Month: April 2021

A fast, controlled and openly communicated coronavirus exit will ensure economic recovery

Opening up society as quickly as possible but in a controlled manner after the coronavirus pandemic has subsided is important for economic recovery. Regional emphasis on vaccines and the introduction of coronavirus passports will accelerate positive development. The Finnish Commerce Federation points out that communicating openly and in a timely manner about lifting restrictions and support measures will enable companies to have a clearer planning horizon.

Commerce sector messages for the Government budget session: promote purchasing power, provide incentives for the green transition and boost local bargaining

The past year has been hard for the service sector in general and especially for some companies in the specialty goods trade. Commerce expects the Government to make decisions in its budget session to boost new growth and increase employment. Tools used to achieve these objectives should include promoting local bargaining, ensuring consumers’ purchasing power and tax solutions that support the green transition.

Commerce keeps the wheels in motion in municipalities – increased vitality through local decisions

Commercial companies are important employers, taxpayers and investors for municipalities. Therefore, it is very important how the commerce sector fares, since it generates well-being, success and jobs all around Finland. The Finnish Commerce Federation encourages the new municipal decision-makers to consider the needs of local commercial companies and offers the candidates materials to support their election campaigns.