Day: September 14, 2020

Pro’s unlawful surprise strikes continue to hammer Suomen Kotidata – the industrial peace system is not working

The strike that began today clearly shows that the Kotidata case concerns Trade Union Pro’s political aim to pressure Kotidata into replacing the Collective Agreement for the Commercial Sector with the Collective Agreement for the ICT Sector, which is not applicable to the company, and not unresolved employment relationship problems. The smear campaign is based on unfounded allegations and has continued for a long time, and it is threatening the company’s operations and jobs. The serial strikes underline that the Finnish industrial peace system is not working.

The commerce sector’s greetings to the government budget session: Supporting the competitive strength and environmental work of the commerce sector through reduced electricity tax

The commerce sector in Finland is struggling with the increasingly tough international competition. In its budget session, the government must consider all means to support companies and work. Gradually reducing the electricity tax rate applied to commerce to the same level applied to industry would significantly improve the international cost-competitiveness of the commerce sector. The electrification of commercial processes is one of the key actions as the sector strives to achieve carbon neutrality, so the reduction of electricity tax is also a key factor in the environmental work in the sector.