Detailed contents of the emergency provisions in the Collective Agreement for Commercial Transport Workers and employment legislation

The Finnish Commerce Federation and the Transport Workers’ Union AKT have agreed on changes to the Collective Agreement for Commercial Transport Workers in accordance with the recommendations of the central labour market organisations in relation to the coronavirus pandemic. The changes apply to the notice period for lay-offs, the negotiating period for co-operation negotiations and the re-employment of dismissed employees.

Detailed content of the emergency provisions for inclusion in the collective agreements for the commercial sector

The changes to the collective agreement negotiated by the Finnish Commerce Federation and PAM took effect on 19 March 2020. The changes are available for use immediately during ongoing and future co-operation negotiations, as well as for future lay-off notices and lay-off notices that have already been issued.

Finnish Commerce Federation: The scale of Government action is good, but additional action is needed

The scale of the package of supportive measures announced today by the Finnish Government to counter the damage caused by the coronavirus epidemic is good. However, new measures are needed. The time period for the amendments being made to the labour law and unemployment benefits is insufficient. In addition, the supportive measures aimed at businesses need to be complemented.

Emergency provisions added to the collective agreement – commercial sector taking wide-ranging action to save businesses and jobs

The Finnish Commerce Federation has reached an agreement with Service Union United PAM on emergency provisions for the collective agreement in order to safeguard the future of businesses in the sector and save jobs. The new provisions take effect on 19 March, and they will remain in force throughout the coronavirus pandemic.