Press releases

Additional investments in research and development activities must be directed to applied research and diversification of the economic structure

Service Sector Employers Palta and the Finnish Commerce Federation demand that growing public research and development funding be directed towards applied research and diversification of the economic structure. The current situation, in which the productivity of private services in particular has lagged behind the development of competitor countries, is unsustainable.

An efficient pharmaceutical sales system would save the economy up to EUR 250 million

The Finnish Commerce Federation encourages the government to implement structural reforms in the financial decisions of the budget framework session. According to calculations commissioned by the Federation, the structural reform of the retail distribution system of pharmaceuticals would bring the combined annual savings of the state and consumers up to EUR 250 million. Due to the increasing pharmaceutical reimbursement costs of the ageing population, there should be no further delays with the reform.

Development of sales has its risks in the commerce sector – the government must ensure consumers' purchasing power  

The turnover of retail trade decreased by more than three per cent last year. This year, sales are forecast to decrease by about one per cent. Towards the end of the year, improving purchasing power will start to drive up retail business. Driven by international competition, the need to improve productivity and efficiency will continue to be reflected in employment in the commerce sector. It is important that the government considers consumers' purchasing power in its decisions.

Ministry of the Environment and the Finnish Commerce Federation: Further action needed to reach reduction target for plastic carrier bags

The Green Deal agreement between the Ministry of the Environment and the Finnish Commerce Federation has reduced the use of plastic carrier bags and thin plastic bags quite rapidly. A recent estimate shows, however, that there has been some growth in the use of plastic carrier bags since 2020 and further actions are needed to reach the reduction targets by 2025.

Pharmaceuticals are more expensive in Finland than in Sweden

On average, non-prescription drugs are 37 per cent cheaper in Sweden than in Finland. Even in prescription drugs, the price difference is in Sweden's favour, especially in general reference price pharmaceuticals. It is clear that by reforming the structures and operations of the distribution of pharmaceuticals and the pharmacy system, it would be possible to both support the purchasing power of Finns and achieve savings in the public economy.

Negotiations on the labour market model were interrupted

Negotiations between the representatives of employers and wage earners on the development of an export-driven labour market model were interrupted on Wednesday, 13 December. The parties to the negotiations included the Finnish Commerce Federation, Chemical Industry Federation of Finland, Local Government and County Employers KT, Service Sector Employers Palta, Technology Industry Employers of Finland and the Office for the Government as Employer.

Ollaan ihmisiksi (‘Lets behave ourselves’) campaign starts with a new campaign look – combatting inappropriate behaviour together

The Finnish Commerce Federation's and Service Union United (PAM)'s Ollaan ihmisiksi campaign launches today on 1 December with a new campaign look. The Ollaan ihmisiksi campaign seeks to awaken consumers to think about their own role in enhancing the occupational well-being of salespersons and customer service professionals. There has been an increase in customers’ inappropriate behaviour towards customer service professionals.