Year: 2021

Commerce sector messages for the Government budget session: promote purchasing power, provide incentives for the green transition and boost local bargaining

The past year has been hard for the service sector in general and especially for some companies in the specialty goods trade. Commerce expects the Government to make decisions in its budget session to boost new growth and increase employment. Tools used to achieve these objectives should include promoting local bargaining, ensuring consumers’ purchasing power and tax solutions that support the green transition.

Commerce keeps the wheels in motion in municipalities – increased vitality through local decisions

Commercial companies are important employers, taxpayers and investors for municipalities. Therefore, it is very important how the commerce sector fares, since it generates well-being, success and jobs all around Finland. The Finnish Commerce Federation encourages the new municipal decision-makers to consider the needs of local commercial companies and offers the candidates materials to support their election campaigns.

Companies that suffer due to the restrictions on movement must receive compensation for their losses

The planned restrictions on movement would hit the specialty and household goods trades heavily, and have the same effect as restaurant closures, which means that such companies are in urgent need of support for closing as well as relief in tax arrangements. In addition to parcel pick-up points, collecting orders from the store reduces contacts and supports small stores during these difficult circumstances.

The restrictions on movement proposed by the government weigh heavily on the specialty goods trade – companies suffering from the restrictions need immediate help

The Finnish Commerce Federation deems the government’s decision to restrict citizens’ movement very challenging for the specialty goods trade. The new restrictions hit heavily on the specialty goods trade which is already fighting for its survival in many places. Companies that suffer due to the restrictions need immediate support. Government’s order of mandatory use of masks support the commerce sector’s message – wear a mask!

Restrictions on movement presuppose support for specialty goods trade companies – Finnish Commerce Federation calls for clarity in government decisions

The government’s planned decisions on restriction of movement would hit the specialty and household goods trades heavily. The Finnish Commerce Federation demands that the government’s decisions be clear. If restrictions on movement really are implemented, the commerce sector companies suffering from the restrictions must be compensated for the negative financial impacts.

Online shopping grew by over twenty per cent in Finland – market share of domestic e-commerce is increasing

Online retail trade grew by 22 per cent in Finland last year, exceeding record pace of the 2010s. At the same time, domestic online shopping grew, and an increasing number of Finnish online stores were among the highest rated in the fourth edition of a listing of customer ratings published by the Finnish Commerce Federation. Online shopping is becoming increasingly commonplace among consumers, which is why now is the time for both companies and political decision-makers to invest in its development.

COVID-19 boosted commercial growth – employment fell

Retail sector turnover grew by almost four per cent during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, COVID-19 treated commerce industries very differently. The growth in last year’s turnover is not visible as growth in the number of people employed in the commerce sector or as new companies in the commerce sector. Instead, they continue their downward trend. The pandemic helped online retail reach record figures. Ensuring purchasing power, competence and entrepreneurship is key when advancing to the time after COVID-19.

Finnish Commerce Federation and Service Union United PAM: The commerce sector reacts to harassment strongly – guidelines for stopping harassment published by labour market organisations

The Finnish Commerce Federation and Service Union United PAM together published guidelines for stopping, preventing and intervening with harassment within companies of the sector. The guidelines include a recommendation for a customer warning practice to use in case a customer acts inappropriately.